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Its funny how all my “friends” doubted the relationship I’m in now. Not thinking we were gonna last and that he was no good for me. They ALL wanted me to drop him just cause they didn’t like him. They didn’t KNOW him. They didn’t know that he made/makes me happy. Yeah, I know I made mistakes and went about it all wrong but shit happens. I’m not perfect. I’m glad that those people aren’t in my life anymore. Yeah, I miss them from time to time but oh well. I’m happy with the decisions I’ve made and honestly I’d do it again. I’m still extremely happy <3 So HA to all of you.

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He really just picked my wedgie for me right meow cause my nails are wet (x LOL 

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Hey, you know “P. Sherman” from Finding Nemo? That was a Filipino joke in Pixar. It’s supposed to be “Fisherman” with a Filipino accent.




No way?

BWAHAHAHHA. get outta here xD

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